Watershed Lab 2018


Nick Hallett 
To Music (Scene 3) 
In partnership with ISSUE Project Room
Saturday, May 19 

BOOM BAT GESTURE, Athena Kokoronis + Laurel Atwell, and Julie Mayo 
Spring Springs! 
Curated by Mina Nishimura
Saturday, June 16 

Workshop Tuesday, July 10 at BSP Kingston
Open Rehearsal Saturday, July 14 

camp 2
Saturday, July 21 

Ugly Duckling Presse 
Featuring Ellie Ga, Zahra Patterson, Mike Taylor, and Asiya Wadud 
Saturday, July 28 

Baira, The Illustrious Blacks, Courtney J. Cook, and Greg Purnell 
Percolate: (The Thirst, the Hum, the Trickle, the Bubble) 
Curated by Monstah Black / In partnership with Dixon Place
Saturday, August 11 

Nicky Paraiso 
Now My Hand Is Ready for My Heart: Intimate Histories (Workshop Performance)
In association with La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club
Saturday, August 25 

Meeting Point: Benefit Dinner and Performance 
Tan Lin, Paul Pinto, and Edisa Weeks
Saturday, September 1 

Resonant Bodies Festival at Mount Tremper Arts 
Featuring Lucy Dhegrae, Paul Pinto, and Jen Shyu 
Saturday, September 8 

DELIRIOUS Dances / Edisa Weeks 
THREE RITES: Happiness 
Curated by Mar
ýa Wethers / In partnership with 651 ARTS
Saturday, October 20 

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