Submitted by aynsleyv on Wed, 2010-08-11 21:45

Well that was fun. I don't know quite how to say what it was, but it was fun.
Foofwa kindly led us through a brief history of modern dance in order to give some 'context' to the piece. He highlighted some of the idiosyncrasies of the dancers he was about to tribute -- Micheal Jackson, Pina Bausch, and Merce Cunningham -- which was fascinating in and of itself not just because of the info he gave, but how we naturally embodied the dancers, channeling a signature motion with a turn of his head, thump of his pelvis, sway of his arms.

Foofwa wove a tale, told through his Italian mummy man character, of the 3 dancers navigating the afterlife. The lighting of the piece was extraordinary, creating a scene, taking us back and forth in time and space, with beams of streams of light. Then, setting the red, jocularly oppressive mood for the 3 dancers (all channelled by Foofwa) to meet in "Hello Hell" ... move to Purge-Your-Story ... and finally, bright Paradise.

Though the 'story' was interesting, what I enjoyed the most was the final section in "Paradise." Here, Foofwa embodied the 3 dancers in one brilliantly choreographed piece. 3 distinct dance styles taking turns in his body, and gradually overlapping, becoming their own new movement, one dancer, one new dance.

Thanks again to MTA for bringing another wonderful performer to us!