Submitted by aynsleyv on Tue, 2010-08-24 20:32

I’ll have to admit that I went into this performance with some prejudice. The photo that MTA sent out with their reminder email the week before, showed the performers inside the white boxes and my first reaction was skepticism. Being relatively new to the movement arts, I generally think about movement and dance in a somewhat traditional way (think ballet or contact improv).

My feelings about the performances I’ve seen at MTA have run the gamut of emotions. A few I have walked away from scratching my head, having experienced little emotional reaction. One or two I have flatly disliked but some of their performances were truly amazing. Last night’s performance Moving Theater Ideological Formation fits into the last group.

This show really had a bit of everything, incorporating laptop computers, military uniforms, video and music that ranged from “Material Girl” to classical. It all worked well and blended nicely together, never once feeling disjointed. And yes at times the dancing did have a “traditional” feel, which also worked well with the more contemporary aspects of the performance. It encompassed so much and moved fairly quickly so there wasn’t time to try to mentally digest what was happening. I just let the performance flow through me making it, I think, more enjoyable for me.

I found myself at times repulsed, awed, indifferent and mesmerized. All in all it was a terrific performance. The dancers poured themselves into their craft, and their energy and exuberance was very evident and contagious. Their talent and professionalism was outstanding throughout. This unique piece was well choreographed and obviously well rehearsed, providing for a wonderful experience.
A great way to end the 2010 season!

Joel Sansho Benton is a carpenter and Zen Buddhist practitioner living in Mt. Tremper, NY. He is an avid amateur photographer and lover of the arts.