Submitted by Mathew Pokoik on Wed, 2013-05-08 22:29

Late April and early May we had two amazing artists and ensembles in residency at Mount Tremper Arts. First, one of our favorites, The International Contemporary Ensemble - ICE who was up with composer David Lang and director Jim Findlay working on the Whisper Opera which will be at Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart this August. As it happens, in a frenzy of creative gestalt, David wrote most of the music over the two days he was up here (nothing new for our artist!) I had the pleasure to see a full rough run through of the work, and it is amazing (get your tics now as it's only 50 seats or so per performance!) Most of the singing is whispered, often just barely at an audible level, and I found myself fantasizing about staging the work at Mount Tremper in the middle of a cold windy Catskills Febuary - with the wind howling outside as a partner with the whispering.

ICE at the 2012 MTA Summer Festival performing George Lewis and Schubert

Right after ICE, we had Jen Rosenblit in residence, along with poet, Stella Corso, and performers Justin Cabrillos and Addys Gonzalez. Not only is Jen a remarkable artist, she's also the new MTA Production Manager, so you'll get to meet her this summer during the Festival. She has a bunch of upcomg events in NYC where she'll be showing work from her MTA residency, go check it out.

Monday May 20 Movement Research at the Judson Church 8pm

Tuesday May 21 730pm MR Spring Festival at Invisible Dog Art Center

3 final Saturdays May 11, June 1 and 8th 11-1 at Eden's expressway

Wednesday May 22 1-3 in Prospect Park as part of the MR spring Festival!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-12 May 20, 22 and 24th for CLASSCLASSCLASS!

Jen Rosenblit at Mount Tremper Arts, 2012 Summer Festival
Jen Rosenblit performing as part of Meeting Point at the 2012 Summer Festival