Bus Direction from NYC

The Adirondack Trailways bus goes from NYC's Port Authority right to Mount Tremper (an unlisted stop between Woodstock and Phoenicia). www.trailwaysny.com

Ask the bus driver to drop you off in Mount Tremper (sometimes its called the "4 Corners" stop). Some drivers will also let you off at the Mount Tremper Arts driveway.

The Mount Tremper stop will leave you right at a small bridge over a river.  Beyond the bridge you will see a sign for Zen Mountain Monastery.  Go down the road towards the monastery and continue walking that direction, past the monastery, for about one mile.  Mount Tremper Arts will be a steep driveway on your right, #647 South Plank Rd.

Please note: Our rural road is called by many different names, such as Old Route 28, Old 28, South Plank Rd., Old Plank Rd., and Route 40. Please use these directions as many maps and online routing services do not work here in the mountains.

Mount Tremper Arts
647 South Plank Rd.
Mount Tremper, NY 12457