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The stakes have always been high for the risk-takers, the dreamers, and those who dare. Our artist community has long recognized that experiment leads us forward, and for more than 10 seasons Mount Tremper Arts has supported those who provoke and invent. Now that the stakes are greater than ever, I hope you will support this creative laboratory by making a contributionLet’s make sure these artists always have a place to go.
At the 10th Season Gala in October 2017, we thanked co-founders Mathew Pokoik and Aynsley Vandenbroucke for making space for artists - not just for physical space, but empty space by imposing few restrictions, intellectual space through dialogue, and emotional space from their nurturing support and advocacy for so many years.
Now, after 300+ artist residencies and 145 public performances, this space they built 15 years ago is fortified by a community that understands why artists should experiment, and why we should care that they do.
Thank you for being a part of this community. I hope you are able to help risk-taking artists by making a gift to the Artist Fund at Mount Tremper Arts.
See you in the mountains!
Crystal Wei
Executive Director

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Jim Findlay "Dream of the Red Chamber"
Jim Findlay's Dream of the Red Chamber