Liz Sargent Installations (July 17 + 18 at 8pm)

photo by Rick Ochoa

Revealing + Installation #4 : White Tulips

"elegant...both lovely and disturbing," The New York Times

Liz Sargent presents a new installation viewed gallery style exploring decay, emptiness and the short inhalations of hope that keep us moving forward. Performers play in an introspective hyper-real world where collections of hope become illusions. Built in collaboration with Djamila Moore with live music by Ben Finely. Performed by Djamila Moore, Kristen Warnick and Aynsley Vandenbroucke. 

In addition, the evening will begin with Revealing performed by Marcia Johnson with music composed by Mike Rugnetta. The New Yorker says ‘Revealing’ is "a gorgeous resurrection of abstract expressionism."

Additional events curated by Liz round out the evening:  videos by Tori Sparks / Sharpelbow and original live music by Einy Aam and Darren Kucera.

Installation #4 : White Tulips is A Mount Tremper Arts Commision

Click on the photo below to view a gallery of Liz Sargent Installations at Mount Tremper Arts