Residency Programs at Mount Tremper Arts

Creative Development Residencies
MTA supports the development of new works of art for the Summer Festival through Creative Development Residencies.  All artists who particapate in the festival are provided with two weeks of residency time here in the Catskills between September and May. Residencies includes 24/7 exclusive use of the studio building, living quarters in the Main House, and quiet dedicated time to focus on their art practice. Please note that Creative Development Residencies are by invitation only.

Subsidized Residencies
Between September - May we offer affordable residencies open to all performance artists and/or ensembles who create contemporay works of art. Artists have exclusive 24/7 use of the studio building plus a shared kitchen and houseing for up to 12 people. Rates are $650 for 1 week and $90 for additional days. For more information on Subsidized Residencies, please contact Mathew Pokoik. Send your company’s name, website or place to view work, and a short proposal for the purpose of your residency.

Work Exchange Residencies
Work exchange residencies are available from 1 to 9 months. Ideal for recently graduated artists, writers, and curators. Twenty hours of work per week which may include residency preparation, grounds and garden work, cleaning, snow shoveling, stuffing envelopes, production assistance, other admin work, or just about anything else depending on personal skills. Candidates must be independent and self-motivated. Residencies include a private bedroom in the main house, a shared kitchen and living room, and wi-fi internet. The Studio is available when not in use by other residencies during warm weather. Food and transportation are not a part of the exchange, and a car is strongly recommended (but not essential.) For more information, please contact Mathew Pokoik.

Available residency slots can be seen by viewing our Calendar here.

Artist Residency Testimonials

“Many organizations tout process as a guiding principle for their vision but at Mount Tremper Arts, creativity and risk taking emanate from the dirt. This idyllic property in the Catskills has the feel of a secular monastery where artists quietly toil at their work. It is a place to ruminate and experiment outside of urban settings and dictates of the market. The excellent food and swimming greatly enhance an atmosphere that takes artists and art making seriously and contributes immeasurably to the betterment of our creative output.” -Tere O’Connor, choreographer and 2011 MTA Festival Residency Artist

"Working at Mount Tremper Arts is a huge part of the DNA of Dream of the Red Chamber. So much so that it feels like it was born there. The residency was so flexible and responsive to our particularly quirky needs, and MTA was so willing to engage and encourage our work that we accomplished a staggering amount of making in our two weeks there. It doesn't seem like it could have been that short. Mixing MTA's deep understanding of what artists actually do and need with the fantastic environment is a pure artistic thrill.” -Jim Findlay, 2012 MTA Festival Residency Artist in Theater

Jim Findlay "Dream of the Red Chamber"
Jim Findlay's Dream of the Red Chamber, at Mount Tremper Arts, June 2012.