3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words

The Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group

Choreographed by Aynsley Vandenbrouke in close collaboration with the performers
Performed by Djamila Moore, K. Tanzer, and Kristen Warnick
Lighting design by Nelson R. Downend, Jr
Costumes by Liz Sargent
Technical Direction by Kryssy Wright
May 14 -17 at 8pm
Tickets $12

Formal and stark, 3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words unravels the language of movement, symbols and words. Growing out of just 26 words, the piece asks if a dance with text can retain the open and direct nature of pure movement. Can words be abstract? How do choreographic structures change sentences and sounds? How does grammar affect movement? How do words move? Finally, what are those aspects of human experience that cannot be pinned down and named?

“The work of this talented young choreographer has invited comparisons to Cunningham and Butoh, but it more boldly recalls the very beginnings of modern dance.”

- The New Yorker

Presented in Partnership with Simulacrum, Signs, and Stacks

Exhibition open before and after each performance.

The 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center supported the development of 3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words through its Fridays At Noon program. The piece was also supported by Dance Conversations at the Flea and residencies at Mount Tremper Arts.

Read the review from the New York Times.
"There is a certain appealing simplicity about Aynsley Vandenbroucke’s “3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words,” which opened on Thursday night." Read More