Kimberly Bartosik (Aug 28 + 29 at 8pm)
Aug 29 includes a closing party for The Noble Savage and the Little Tramp 

"This is exciting work, careful and intentional." Elizabeth Bachner,

Ecsteriority 1 and
The Materiality of Impermanence (excerpt of a work-in-progress)

Ecsteriority 1, is an intense and affecting meditation on decay, eros, and the collapsibility of space performed by Tara Lorenzen and Marc Mann.  The Materiality of Impermanence, Kimberly Bartosik’s newest work, investigates the traces and residues which bodies leave on each other, and the ways bodies take up space inside each other. Distinctly cinematic, the piece consists of a series of scenes which spring up spontaneously the way memories suddenly find their way into our consciousness. These scenes - defined through sparseness, stillness, silence, and a sense of time passing - are performed within Roderick Murray’s set made entirely of LED lights. Luke Fasano creates original music. Performers include Kimberly, Joanna Kotze, and Marc Mann. The Materiality of Impermanence is being commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop in NYC, where it will premiere February 3-6, 2010.