Kohji Setoh

Friday, August 10 7:00 pm   ART-B-Q Friday / Tickets $15
Performance followed by dinner.  Held in the studio rain or shine.

Composer and sound artist Kohji Setoh is dedicated to artistic collaboration, most recently with choreographers Ursula Eagly, Kota Yamazaki, and Yoshiko Chuma. Tonight he’ll perform solo works, including Elegy for Graveyards (2010), as well as works by con season, his trio with drummer Kohzo Komori and bassist Takashi Yuasa.

Trailblazing composer Kohji Setoh is a member of the artist collective flow, and the director of the artist collective ROOT CULTURE. In addition, he is Associate Professor at Ferris University's College of Music in Yokohama. Self Made Man Made Land, his collaboration with Ursula Eagly and Abby Block, premieres at MTA on Saturday, August 11.

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Kohji Seoh


Kohji Setoh’s Elegy for Graveyards and Ursula Eagly’s Self Made Man Man Made Land are supported by the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program.