Celebrating Our 10th Season

We mark this year as a rite of passage.

Sown from the adventures of two young artists and their friends, Mount Tremper Arts has grown into a thriving and innovative public space, an experiment rooted in the belief that place and context are vital to making art and community.

We model our programming on our watershed ecosystem and the complex, symbiotic relationship between the Catskills and New York City. Nowhere is mutual dependence more evident than in watershed ecology; this interdependence is the foundation for the Watershed Lab, our new program partnering with New York City–based theaters to develop and present new works by adventurous contemporary artists.

This season, discover brilliant and radical female artists sharing works in dance, theater, and music developed through intensive residencies at Mount Tremper Arts. See live performances such as Kristin Worrall’s baking show The Recipe (think Julia Childs on acid); MTA co-founder Aynsley Vandenbroucke’s And, which serves as an archive on the early days of MTA (among other things); Bigfoot investigations by Sibyl Kempson in Sasquatch Rituals; and an opera-in-progress by IONE and the late, great Pauline Oliveros, who once lived on the slopes of Mount Tremper.

We dedicate our 10th season to this mountain that we occupy. Please join MTA’s new Executive Director Crystal Wei at our Gala in October, where we’ll honor the fearless artists Claire Chase and AUNTS, and serve a dinner sourced from our own gardens by chef Ethan Kneckel.

Help celebrate this remarkable endeavor we’ve undertaken, and the works of these brave and remarkable artists. In these polarizing times our mutual dependence is more important then ever.

See you in the mountains,

Mathew Pokoik
Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Mount Tremper Arts