Resonant Bodies Festival at Mount Tremper Arts Featuring vocalists Kayleigh Butcher, Kamala Sankaram, and Davóne Tines   Saturday, September 2, 2017  8:00 pm / Tickets $20 / Preview

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This annual festival of contemporary vocal music invites artists to curate and perform their own sets, with no restrictions on repertoire, format, or style. Join superlative singers Kayleigh Butcher, Odeya Nini, and Kamala Sankaram for an evening of daring and impassioned premieres.

Inspired by Anne Carson’s essay “The Gender of Sound,” Sankaram’s Ololyga combines voice with electronics and accordion, while Tines’ first premiere as a composer incorporates sculptural audio elements and Butcher brings movement and dance to amplify her vocal expression. Nini's ever-evolving work explores the relationship between the mind and body and the various landscapes it can yield. The performance also includes other featured RBF 2017 vocalists.

Resonant Bodies Festival supports the growth and evolution of contemporary vocal music and vocal artists. The Festival produces an annual series of new vocal music performances in New York City and beyond. RBF 2017 opens September 5-7 in NYC at Roulette. Kayleigh Butcher is a founding member and the director of Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, an all-female, a cappella vocal quartet exploring experimental techniques and improvisation. Odeya Nini is a vocalist and composer of contemporary and experimental music investigating inner dialogue, polarization, cohabitation, and the meaning of validity. Singer and composer Kamala Sankaram is the recipient of a Jonathan Larson Award from the American Theater Wing and is the frontwoman for the band Bombay Rickey.

*Due to illness, Davóne Tines has withdrawn from the performance.

Resonant Bodies Festival at Mount Tremper Arts is generously sponsored by Upstater.