Seeking Volunteers:

Watershed Lab

What:  Mount Tremper Arts is seeking artists, writers, critics, arts professionals, and students to volunteer for one week in support of our performance series in the Catskill Mountains. As a volunteer you’ll be working with MTA staff in assisting artists, helping in the kitchen or gardens, while still having plenty of time to enjoy mountain splendor in all seasons.

When: Opportunities are available for the following (Tuesday - Sunday)

Perks: A private bedroom or Airstream trailer of your own, with plenty of time for swimming, hiking, cycling, reading, or just relaxing. You’ll be staying onsite either in a trailer or in the farmhouse.

Food: Dinners every night with MTA resident artists and staff, and frequent late night campfires. Breakfast and lunch on your own. If you don’t have a car, we'll give you a ride to the grocery store.

What you’ll be doing: You’ll be doing 24 hours of work/volunteering during the week. Some of it will be manual labor, in the garden and in support of productions. Please note: you should be comfortable lifting 40 lbs. We need help in the kitchen (both prep and washing dishes), during events (ushers, parking, concessions), some cleaning, and most vitally, good conversation around the campfire. Not comfortable in the kitchen or garden? You'll be trained, supervised, and learn a lot along the way.

Travel: You are responsible for your own travel. If you don’t have a car, it’s an easy 2.5-hour bus ride from Port Authority in NYC; we’ll pick you up at the bus stop in Phoenicia.

Contact: Crystal Wei, Executive Director

About our Volunteer Program: Rather then utilizing unpaid interns to help run the day-to-day tasks of a residency program and festival, we invite other artists and art field professionals to join our community for a few days and help out with caretaking. What’s the difference? A volunteer provides a generously given service, while an intern partakes in unpaid work; a volunteer enters the community as an equal, while an intern is the bottom bracket of a hierarchy.

Pets: MTA loves animals, but cannot house pets onsite.

2020 Dates: Stay tuned! The season is undergoing COVID-19 related fluctuations. We look forward to seeing you when we resume!

To apply: Please email us your answers to the questions below.

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