COVID-19 Update

Artists are in residence with pods and safety protocols; public events will resume this summer. You can find more details here.

Please let us know how you are doing. You can reach us at info [at] 

This is a time for radical community care. Be safe, be well.

-Mount Tremper Arts

Artist In Residence This Week
Joanna Kotze 

Joanna Kotze

Joanna and collaborators Wendell Grey II, Molly Heller, Symara Johnson, and Ryan Seaton will work on lectric Eye, an evening-length dance performance that highlights collaboration between movement and music while exploring personal loss and isolation, collective loss and isolation, and the human body’s potential for persistence, resistance, and power.

More information on Joanna and her work at

Online Program
Rick Burkhardt and International Contemporary Ensemble

International Contemporary Ensemble

The program interweaves new music by Rick Burkhardt, Bahar Royaee (Iranian Female Composers Association), Pauline Oliveros & IONE, with a tour of 10 years of International Contemporary Ensemble in residency at Mount Tremper Arts, and artist interviews & love notes. Read more about Rick and the Ensemble.

View the performance online here

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Your support has helped us stay open as a safe and creative space for artists during the pandemic. The Artist Residencies Campaign exceeded our $20,000 goal for 2020.

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